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(5VPOW) 5v 1A power supply (micoUSB) for hAP mini, hAP lite, cAP lite

Mikrotik 5V 1A MicroUSB power supply for the following devices:

hAP mini

hAP lite

cAP lite

Price: € 5.75 + VAT
In stock 19

(24V4APOW) Internal power supply for CCR1016 and CCR1036 devices

Price: € 29.00 + VAT
In stock 7

(24V2APOW) Power supply for Mikrotik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+ and CRS317-1G-16S+RM devices

Price: € 22.00 + VAT
In stock 8

(48V2A96W) power supply with plug

48 V 2 A 96 W power supply, to be used with our products that support 48 V POE output, like hEX PoE and CRS112-8P-4S-IN. It’s providing 30% more current than the old model 48POW (48 V 1.46 A 70 W), allowing more power per port.

Price: € 29.69 + VAT
In stock 20

(18POW) Low power 24V Power Supply

Additional information

Price: € 5.52 + VAT
In stock 20

(24HPOW) 24V 2.5A hi-power supply

Price: € 13.25 + VAT
In stock 20

(48POW) 48V power supply

48V 1.46A Power Adapter + Power plug

Additional information

Price: € 13.25 + VAT
In stock 20

(PW48V-12V85W) ±48V Open frame Power supply with 12V 7A output, for new r2 CCR revisions

±48 V DC telecom Open Frame Power supply with 12 V 7 A output, for use with new “r2” revision of Cloud Core Routers or the new CRS326-24S+2Q+RM. Simply remove one of the current power supplies and replace with the new PW48V-12V85W for ±48 V installations.

Additional information

Price: € 38.50 + VAT
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